Our Mandate

The Porcupine Caribou Management Board (PCMB) is an advisory board established under the Porcupine Caribou Management Agreement (1985) to communicate information about the herd and provide recommendations to agencies responsible for managing the herd. The key objectives of the PCMB are to:
  • Facilitate communication between Porcupine Caribou users, the public, researchers and managers to support sustainable, coordinated management of the herd;
  • Gather and review scientific and traditional information on the herd and its habitat;
  • Encourage all harvesters to collect biological information and report their harvest;
  • Have public forums to share information and discuss issues with users and other interested groups; and
  • Provide recommendations to relevant agencies responsible for the management of the Porcupine Caribou herd and its habitat and share these recommendations with the public.
In 1987, the Agreement Between the Government of Canada and the Government of the United States of America on the Conservation of the Porcupine Caribou Herd was signed, establishing the International Porcupine Caribou Board (IPCB). The Chair of the PCMB is a member of the IPCB.

Annual Harvest Meeting

Each year, the PCMB and the Parties to the Porcupine Caribou Harvest Management Plan meet during the second week of February to determine the management status of the herd.

The three-day event includes a public meeting to share information on the current status of herd, followed by a meeting among the Parties and the PCMB. The PCMB then meets alone to develop a recommendation on the herd’s management status. This recommendation is then sent to all the Parties for their approval.

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Next Annual Harvest Meeting

Date: February 9 and 10, 2021
Location: Via Zoom video-conference
For further information please contact:
Deana Lemke
Executive Director
(867) 633-4780

Who We Are


Joe Tetlichi
Term: Sept. 29, 2016 - Sept. 29, 2021


Robert Charlie
Gwich'in Tribal Council
Term: Jan. 25, 2019 – Jan. 24, 2024
Steven Buyck
Na-cho Nyäk Dün
Term: June 1, 2016 - April 30, 2021
Harold Frost Jr.
Vuntut Gwitchin
Term: April 14, 2016 - April 14, 2021
Karen Clyde
Government of Yukon
Term: Feb. 12, 2018 - Feb. 11, 2023
Alice McCulley
Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in
Term: Aug. 30, 2016 - Aug. 29, 2021
William Storr
Inuvialuit Game Council
Term: Sept. 22, 2017 - Sept. 30, 2020
Lila Voudrach
Government of the Northwest Territories
Term: April 19, 2019 - April 19, 2024
Shannon Stotyn
Government of Canada
Term: Oct. 1, 2020 - Sept. 30, 2025


Sarah Jerome
Gwich'in Tribal Council
Term: Nov. 28, 2017 - Nov. 17, 2022
Jacqueline Clarke
Na-cho Nyäk Dün
Term: Dec. 8, 2016 - Dec. 8, 2021
Travis Frost
Vuntut Gwitchin
Term: Sept. 27, 2019 - Sept. 27, 2024
Kirby Meister
Government of Yukon
Term: Nov. 1, 2017 - Oct. 31, 2022
Ryan Peterson
Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in
Term: Feb. 12, 2018 - Feb. 11, 2023
Dean Arey
Inuvialuit Game Council
Term: Oct. 1, 2018 – Sept. 30, 2020
Norman Snowshoe
Government of the Northwest Territories
Term: May 7, 2017 - May 6, 2022
Michael Svoboda
Government of Canada
Term: June 18, 2015 - June 18, 2020


Deana Lemke
Executive Director
Phone: 867-633-4780
Fax: 867-393-3904
Box 31723
Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 6L3

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Porcupine Caribou Management Board

Phone: (867) 633-4780
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